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WooCommerce Ga4: Add to Cart Enhanced Ecommerce Event using GTM and DataLayer (Part 3/5)

Tracking "Add to Cart" events provides valuable data about which products attract the most interest and are likely to be purchased. This action is a strong indicator of buying intent. By analyzing this data, store owners can optimize their product placements and promotions to maximize conversions. Furthermore, detailed reports from tools like Google Looker Studio and Google Analytics can show the journey from product views to purchases, helping you fine-tune your marketing strategies.

WooCommerce Ga4: Purchase Enhanced Ecommerce Event using GTM and DataLayer (Part 5/5)

Setting up a purchase event tracking on your WooCommerce store can significantly enhance your ability to analyze customer behavior and boost your marketing strategies. This guide will walk you through configuring a purchase event using Google Tag Manager (GTM) and Google Analytics (GA).

WooCommerce Facebook Pixel: View Cart Ecommerce using DataLayer & Google Tag Manager

Learn how to configure the Facebook Pixel View Cart event on your WooCommerce store using Google Tag Manager. This comprehensive guide covers setting up Google Tag Manager, adding the necessary data layers, and ensuring accurate event tracking for better Facebook Ads targeting.

Study Plan For China

This content is from an actual study plan that I submitted to NPU (National Polytechnic University Xi’an) for my Masters in Control Sciences and Engineering in the 2021-2023 Session.