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Business Type:

Chrome Extension

Website CMS:

ReactJs & Gatsby


Comrade, an innovative platform aimed at making online advertisements more relevant and user-friendly, had a distinct challenge. They wanted to track the number of users downloading their Chrome extension from their website. The mission was to not only ensure that ads were more contextually appropriate for users but also to reward users for their attention, all while ensuring user privacy remained intact.

The Issues the Client Was Facing

Comrade was encountering difficulties in determining how many users were actually downloading their Chrome extension. Moreover, they were keen on understanding the traffic acquisition to their landing pages to assess the effectiveness of their campaigns.

How I Helped Them Resolve the Issues

My primary task was to integrate Google Analytics on their website, which would allow them to monitor traffic acquisition and user engagement accurately. This not only helped them track the downloads of their Chrome extension but also gain insights into the effectiveness of their campaigns. The project spanned over seven days, and at the conclusion, I developed a dashboard tailored for Comrade, aiding them in visualizing and understanding vital metrics.


By the end of our collaboration, Comrade had a clear insight into user behavior, especially concerning their Chrome extension downloads. With the dashboard in place, they could effortlessly understand and interpret data, making informed decisions to further their mission of making ads more user-centric and rewarding.

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