Project Details

Client's website:

Equifund Mortgage

Website CMS:

React Js


EquiFund Mortgage, a prominent online loan service provider, wanted to optimize their digital marketing campaigns by accurately tracking user interactions on various platforms like Facebook Pixel, TikTok Pixel, and Google Analytics. This was crucial for feeding data back to their ad platforms and to get insights on how their funnels were performing.

The Issues the Client Was Facing

The client had different versions of the same funnel spread across multiple domains. Their objective was to ensure that A/B testing was accurate, which was challenging because they couldn't track user interactions on every step of their funnels efficiently. They were also aiming to seamlessly integrate this with platforms like Facebook Pixel and TikTok.

How I Helped Them Resolve the Issues

After understanding their requirements, I collaborated with their development team to configure the data layer object on their websites, enabling us to track user interactions at each funnel step. Further, we employed server-side tracking using Throughout our partnership, I've assisted them with over five websites and configured more than 20 funnels using the Facebook Pixel Conversion API and TikTok.


By the end of our collaboration, EquiFund Mortgage had a robust tracking mechanism in place across multiple domains, ensuring their A/B testing and digital marketing strategies were data-driven and effective. With accurate insights, they are now poised to strategize their marketing campaigns more efficiently, understanding user behavior in-depth, and providing superior services.

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