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Overview, an online educational platform selling programming courses, sought to streamline their Google Analytics tracking for a more cohesive understanding of their ecommerce journey. With the website developed on WordPress and their checkout system situated on Teachable, this multi-platform system posed an analytical challenge. The project involved configuring Google Analytics 4 (GA4) with enhanced ecommerce tracking, data deduplication, and comprehensive reporting via Google Data Studio.

The Issues the Client Was Facing

Imtiaz, the client, had a significant difficulty in analyzing and tracking customer behavior across their two different platforms - WordPress and Teachable. This posed issues with accurately monitoring the user journey, which includes view item, add to cart, checkout, and purchase events. The client was also facing issues with data redundancy, tracking multiple instances of the same event, which led to discrepancies in their data analysis and insights.

How I Helped Them Resolve the Issues

I assisted the client in implementing Google Analytics 4 (GA4) on their platforms, which offers enhanced ecommerce tracking capabilities. This ensured seamless tracking of view item, add to cart, checkout, and purchase events across both WordPress and Teachable. I also integrated deduplication to avoid redundancy in data collection, ensuring that multiple instances of the same event were not being tracked on GA4. This enabled the client to gain a clearer and more accurate understanding of their customer behavior. In addition, to provide a comprehensive view of the website's performance, I configured a simple report in Google Data Studio. This report tracked the performance of Universal Analytics, Google Analytics 4, and the website backend, offering the client an all-encompassing view of their online business performance.


After a focused two-week project, I successfully integrated GA4 with enhanced ecommerce tracking, tackled data deduplication, and set up performance tracking in Google Data Studio. This has paved the way for improved data insights, allowing Imtiaz to track customer journey across platforms, reduce data discrepancies, and monitor the overall performance of more accurately

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