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+64% Conversions

✔ Set up reliable tracking in just 1-2 DAYS

✔ See 20% more data in Ads Manager within two weeks

✔ Ongoing support to ensure smooth operation

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73.492 billion events tracked by Madgicx Tracking

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4 Reasons Why You Should Work With Us for Analytics and Tracking Projects


Clear, Actionable Insights

Get straightforward insights from your data without complex setups. We make your data work for you, providing clear, actionable insights for growth.


Unique Problems, Custom Solutions


Fast, Efficient, and Transparent


Reports You'll Actually Read

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Configuring & Optimizing Website Tracking Setups 🚀

Here's why you should trust our
in website tracking?

For 240+ clients and 25+ agencies, from startups to multi-million-dollar websites, we have made setting up and fixing tracking systems simple, fast, efficient, and successful.

Ready to get your analytics & tracking fixed that increases AOV, ROAS, and makes you happy?

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Here's why you should trust Tracking Academy

We are the experts in Analytics Integration that's Accurate.

Our founder, Ali Hassan, has configured and audited more than 1,000 websites for eCommerce brands and lead generation websites with Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel and more.

After making hundreds of tracking integration and system for clients and agencies, Hassan put together a world-class team of strategists, Analysts, marketers, developers, and a conversion tracking experts that led to launch Tracking Academy — the most effective web analytics integration agency used by category-defining brands and agencies.

Imtiaz Ahmed

It works, too

As you can see for yourself, we get results


Decrease in Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) by 23%. Proper tracking allows for more efficient ad targeting and budget allocation, leading to a significant reduction in the cost to acquire a new customer.


Increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by 37%. With accurate conversion tracking, businesses can optimize their ad campaigns for better performance, resulting in a higher return on their advertising investments.


Improvement in conversion attribution accuracy by 19%. Enhanced tracking provides clearer insights into the customer journey, allowing businesses to attribute conversions more accurately to the correct marketing channels.


Increase in Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) by 27%. By understanding customer behavior through detailed analytics, businesses can tailor their marketing strategies to increase the overall value generated by each customer over time.

Results may vary*

What happens when you purchase a Tracking Package

Initial Consultation & Goal Setting
We begin with a consultation to understand your tracking needs and set clear goals for what we aim to achieve with our analytics implementation.
Technical Audit & Tagging Plan
Our team conducts a thorough audit of your existing tracking setup and creates a detailed plan for tag implementation and data layer structuring.
Implementation & Configuration
We implement tracking tags, configure analytics tools, and ensure data accuracy across your website and/or app.
Testing & Quality Assurance
Rigorous testing is performed to ensure that all tracking is firing correctly and data is being collected as intended.
Reporting & Insights
We set up dashboards and reports that provide actionable insights, allowing you to make informed decisions based on accurate data.
Ongoing Optimization & Support
Our service includes continuous monitoring and optimization of your tracking setup to adapt to any changes in your marketing efforts or business objectives.

It works, too

Case studies

Desktop version

Google Analytics 4 using GTM and Gtag (Ecommerce Store)

The objective to seamlessly transition to GA4 for Hama, ensuring that Google Ads and Ga4 tracking were not just maintained but optimized in the process, this transition was critical, as GA4 offers a more comprehensive view.


Increase in conversions tracked on Ads and attribution.


Improvement in Return on Ads Spent.

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Let's Enhance Your Digital Presence

Analytics & Tracking Solutions

We specialize in configuring advanced tracking and analytics for your website, ensuring you capture every interaction and gain insights that drive growth.

Our solutions empower you to understand your audience, optimize your marketing strategies, and achieve higher conversion rates with data-driven decisions.

Analytics Setup Package


Comprehensive analytics and tracking setup

What's Included

  • ✔ Google Analytics Setup
  • ✔ Google Tag Manager Configuration
  • ✔ Conversion Tracking
  • ✔ Custom Event Tracking
  • ✔ E-commerce Tracking
  • ✔ Data Layer Implementation
  • ✔ Dashboard & Report Setup
  • ✔ Ongoing Support & Optimization
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We plug into your tech stack

How we compare to other solutions

At Tracking Academy, we understand the importance of seamless integration with your existing tech stack. Our analytics and tracking solutions are designed to work effortlessly with your marketing tools, providing you with a unified view of your digital performance and enabling more effective decision-making.

Tracking Academy


Comprehensive Audit and Strategic Planning
Advanced Tools and Expert Setup
Seamless Integration with Marketing Tools
Customized, Actionable Reporting
Continuous Innovation and Improvement

What others have to say about working with Tracking Academy

★★★★★Imtiaz Ahmed - Job Ready Programmer
Fantastic job, did exactly what was asked and was very prompt with communication

GA4 & Proper Conversion Tracking

★★★★★Imtiaz Ahmed - Job Ready Programmer
Very happy working with Hassan! Does a great job!

Gads Setup

★★★★★Imtiaz Ahmed - Job Ready Programmer
Well, this was not the first project we did with Hassan, but definitely not the last! It is always an absolute pleasure to work with him. Hassan is fast, precise and super patient with our queries. For anyone looking for a top notch tracking expert, Hassan is the man and we look forward to working with him in the future.

FixSet Up Advanced GA4 Reports

★★★★★Imtiaz Ahmed - Job Ready Programmer
Professional, fast and efficient at GA4 ecommerce tracking. He took the lead and solved our problem and I would definitely recommend working with him.

GA4 ecommerce - bug fix - ecommerce tracking

Setup my Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

Boost Your Web Analytics 🚀
From setting up tracking tools to personalized consultations, discover how I can elevate your business's web analytics capabilities.
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Audit Current Tracking

Audit Your Setup: I'll look at your current tracking tools for GA4, FB Pixel etc. and see where things can be improved. We'll make sure everything is set up right and catching all the data you need.

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Expert Consultation Sessions

Get Expert Advice: Not sure where to start with web analytics or how to optimize your current setup? Let's chat. I offer personalized consultations to help you understand and make the most of your data tools.

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Client-Side Tracking Setup

Set Up Client Side Tracking: I'll set up tools like GA4, UA, and FB Pixel for you. This will help us see what your visitors are doing on your website and how we can serve them better.

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Master Server-Side Tracking

Server-Side Tracking: I'll set up server-side tracking for tools like Facebook's Conversion API. This means better data collection without slowing down your website.

Our expertise in website tracking
We have mastered web analytics from every angle.

Top Rated Web Analytics ExpertsWith 100% Job Success, We specialize in web analytics, providing expertise in tools like GA4, Snapchat, Gads, FB Pixel, and CAPI server-side tracking, and have worked with renowned clients like and


Global ImpactOur work has not only spanned 270+ diverse clients but has also been featured in substantial corporations, enabling me to navigate and understand varied industry landscapes and cultural nuances in business.


1000+ Total Jobs CompletedSuccessfully completed a spectrum of 263 jobs, delving into diverse challenges in web analytics and tracking setups, always dedicated to delivering value and tangible solutions to clients across various industries.

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