Upwork Cover Letter for Web Development Niche

by ShahzadaAliHassan - 4th February 2022

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If you are in the niche of web development , struggling to get a client and considering if your cover letter is not up to the mark, then you can use this cover letter guide to improve it. I have been using this cover letter for about 9 months now and have got about 70 Jobs on Upwork, helping me earn about 8,000$ in 9 months.

Example Cover Letter:

Client Name

Starting the Cover Letter with a greeting such as “Hi” or “Hello” followed by the name of the client is appropriate. Do not use greetings such as “Hi Dear”, “Hey Sir/Madam” in case you are not able to find the name of the client.

You can find the name of the client if you will scroll down to the bottom of the Job Post and look for the client recent Job, there you can find the name of the client in feedbacks. If you failed to find the name Just use “Hi”.

Pointing out the unique thing

Point out the most peculiar thing about the job post so the client can understand you have gone through the job post thoroughly. The client has mentioned things as “I need help with...” or “what's the name of your favorite movie”.

Attaching a Video

The most import thing is providing a video link to the client, where you will be discussing all the details about their job, issues, solution and your past experience. Having a video attached to a proposal adds more value to your cover letter and it built a relationship more than words with a client.

I have seen a conversion rate of over 60% with loom video attached in the cover letter.

Provide three solutions to the clients project

Providing multiple solutions for the clients project. Having them understand that you understand the project and help them built a better website with you.

Provide client with the details about your requirements

Make sure, you mention them the things you need for the project, deadline and budget for the project.

Call to action

You can also reemphasis their needs, by using the same words, the client has used in the job title. Its also important to add some sort of a call to action, usually i find it better to invite the client for a meeting on zoom or google meets.

Reference to a similar Job

This is the closing and here you want to reinforce the client to revisit your profile where they’ll review your previous jobs. and will completely sell client’s out to your proposal.

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