Since 2014, the allure of becoming a YouTuber has always been strong for me. For a decade, I've grappled with this ambition, giving it my all. Despite not boasting a massive following or staggering view numbers, I believe I've finally earned the title of a "YouTuber" – because for me, it's about consistently publishing and sharing my voice with the world.

Discovering passions, tackling challenges, and introducing the 'Tripod Theory'

The Tripod Theory

Throughout this journey, I've formulated a personal theory: the Tripod Theory. I'll delve into it later. But, in essence, it's about the mental obstacles we place in our paths that hinder our growth and potential.

In my quest to become a YouTuber, my biggest hurdle was not publishing content. The remedy for this came from a course by Anita, who emphasized the importance of consistent content creation. The major shift in my approach, however, occurred when I traveled abroad.

Traveling: A Catalyst for Personal Growth

Currently residing in China but originally from Pakistan, this international experience has been transformative. Never did I imagine that relocating would be the springboard for my YouTube career. Back in the day, I had dabbled in content creation, even pivoting towards educational videos at one point. Despite the content's value, I lacked direction, unsure of my audience or the content's significance.

Overcoming Equipment Hurdles

A common narrative among budding creators is the quest for the perfect equipment. For me, it started with a tripod. Rewinding to my university days, in 2014, I remember my friend Sahib and I excitedly buying my first tripod from a market near Navarre. Equipped with a top-tier smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S5, I felt unstoppable.

However, this excitement was short-lived. Soon, the tripod gathered dust, forgotten in a corner. I convinced myself the missing piece was a microphone. Yet, even after acquiring one post-graduation in 2018, content creation remained stagnant. It wasn't the equipment; it was my mindset.

The Realization: The Tripod Theory Explained

These barriers – be it a tripod, microphone, or something else – were manifestations of my fears and self-doubt. This is the essence of the Tripod Theory. It's about recognizing the self-imposed obstacles we create out of fear. Although the term might sound unique to my experience, the sentiment is universal. Many of us unconsciously place barriers in our path, deterring us from our goals.

Now, equipped with multiple tripods, a microphone, and even an iPhone 14 Pro Max, I understand that the real driver for content creation is the desire to share a message, not the equipment.

A Bigger Purpose

Despite the challenges and growth, I'm clear about my purpose. It's not about legacy, fame, or remembrance; it's about making a difference while I can. Using the Tripod Theory, I've guided friends and family to overcome their self-imposed barriers, urging them to strive for clarity in their goals and explore varied methods to achieve them.

Looking Ahead

Reflecting upon my nine-year YouTube journey, I'm excited about the future. Engaging with all of you is a priority. Many conversations I have with close ones have proven beneficial for them. By bringing these discussions to YouTube, I hope to touch more lives positively.

Until next time, keep challenging your tripods and breaking barriers.